Events, Parties & Promotions

Benefits for functions and private parties

  • Oxygen bars are the freshest trend sweeping the party scene
  • High-Tech presentation
  • Adds visual, experiential and interactive value to the overall event
  • Excellent activity as an ice-breaker and talking point during pre-dinner drinks/cocktails whilst guests arrive
  • Improves mood
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Reduces potential effects of the dreaded hang-over
  • It will enable your guests to enjoy a unique, cutting edge, healthy and natural “high”
  • It is enjoyed by all age groups

Benefits for product promoters

The Oxygen Bar is a High-Tech, impactful and visually captivating set-up. When you want to attract attention to promote your product or service, you can use no better vehicle. Reaching over 2.5m in height, the O2 Bar will “NATURALLY” attract attention in any environment.

Our 8 seater O2 Bar offers promoters an uninterrupted 5 minute period (or longer, by arrangement) where clients are wholly captive to receive your sales message.

The innovative O2 Bar will serve to assist in the all important outcome of Brand & Product Recall.

This new and unique experience will offer all participants an improved sense of wellbeing and give them a NATURAL HIGH. Exactly what you need to entrench a new idea, product or service

Technical Requirements

Above is a plan view of the oxygen bar setup, showing the space we require to run the bar.

We will need one 220v power point within 5m of the bar.

What Does The Hire Include?

– Stainless steel bar
– Water feature
– Light box
– 6 chairs
– Nose hoses
– A selection of four aromatherapy fragrances
– Supply of 80 – 85% Pure Oxygen